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Winter 2010 - 2011
100 DIVAs in Business™ an Exclusive Women in
Business Sorority is a subsidiary of The DIVA Zone
Enterprises LLC™ our parent company and home to
our two illustrious publications: The DIVA Zone™
Magazine and the Swagger Zone™ Magazine as well
as our well attended annual events. Our mission for
100 DIVAs in Business™ is crystal clear and
consistent in everything that we do…“Creating
Powerful Relationships and Business Networks
for Women.” The unique and wonderful concept
behind 100 DIVAs in Business™ is true to form of
our parent company…to inspire, uplift and educate
our sisters. In dealing with women entrepreneurs
over the past few years, we discovered that the
challenges for sisters doing business currently and
looking to start ventures were consistent…great
visions, wonderful products and/or services and very
limited resources in getting the word out to others. In
this issue join us in the celebration of sisters who
have decided to launch out and follow their dreams
while experiencing the power of a strong supportive
network! Meet the DIVAs!

The DIVA Zone™ is committed to assisting God’s
people to lead authentic, free and well-balanced lives!
It is all about celebration in this Winter 2010-2011
Issue! From holiday reflections to the summer
celebration we experienced in NYC last August at the
1st Annual Ultimate Black and White Dinner Party
The DIVA Zone™ demonstrates that Life is
meant to LIVE!

From all of us here at
The DIVA Zone™ Magazine,
we again thank you for your continued support,
prayers and most assuredly, for believing in this
vision even through restructure. Although, we are but
the conduit and God is the Master of this plan, the
writers and editors remain in awe of the unfolding of
it all. Thank you for your patience and CHEERS to
many years of holistic living via the written word!
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Publisher's Corner

Najiyyah Brooks,
CEO/Founding Publisher and
Editorial Director
Congratulations!  You have officially entered The DIVA Zone™.  
Finally, a Brand that Represents Today’s Spiritual, Balanced,
Fashionable, Business Savvy, Socially Conscious Sister!

Beloved, we consider it an honor that you have taken a few
minutes out of your busy schedules to visit us online.  The DIVA
Zone™ is so much more than a magazine.  Our enterprise was
established to aid you along in this journey of becoming,
balanced, grounded and whole.  We understand what it is to be
depended upon by so many and how often we as women forget
to take care of ourselves in the process.

We encourage you to not only visit us again, but before you
leave today, please subscribe to The DIVA Zone™ Magazine,
sign up for The DIVA Zone Daily Dose™ and come out to our
Networking Sister Soirees and other “healthy and balanced”
social events.  

The DIVA Zone™ is here for you and we want you to get
connected to this powerful movement of love…REAL
LOVE…and self-preservation.  God has designed us to depend
upon Him as our ultimate source of strength and wisdom and to
connect with each other as reminders and resources of His
encouragement, edification, assistance and love.  Remember
Beloved, you are not alone.

The Mission:
 “Transforming Lives, One Sister at a Time!”  
Please join this movement today!

Ciao Bellas!
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1.  Which of the following ways do you MOST use to
express your love for your mate?  
Frequent verbal affirmations

Being a good homemaker (cooking, cleaning and
nurturing family)

Physical expressions

Handling family finances and other business

All of the above

None of the above
2.  Which of the following ways do you LEAST use to
express your love for your mate?
Frequent verbal affirmations

Being a good homemaker (cooking, cleaning and
nurturing family)

Physical expressions

Handling family finances and other business
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